We are SCRIBO,

we are Scrittura Bolognese

When we chose our brand name, we wanted to maintain a link to our territory, to our previous experience and to tradition. We wanted people and pen lovers to remember where we come from and to communicate the importance Bologna had in the tradition of handwriting.

“Feel the writing” is our payoff, our signature, our exhortation to all writing enthusiasts. It was written by Elena with our Fine nib because handwriting is for everyone and belongs to everyone.

It was realized exactly as you see it, in a genuine way, simply by writing. We wanted it that way, minimal and without frills, calligraphically imperfect to pass its meaning even better.

“Feel the writing” means to write by hand following our feelings. The way we write, after all, is nothing but a further manifestation of our feelings. We write what we live, what we feel and a part of us remains in what we have written. Handwriting evokes feelings to feel, to be experienced.

“Feel the writing” is an exhortation to feel an emotion. “Feel the writing” expresses our love and passion for handwriting, feelings that we try to convey to everyone through our writing tools.

Scribo Scrittura Bologna Logo Definitivo nero 400px

That color…


An indefinite shade of light blue, once again imperfect, like that color of the sky we look at between end of winter and beginning of spring …

That color we see in Bologna from mid-February when the days start to stretch a little and the leaves revive on trees. When winter finally ends, and a new spring brings life back to life. As it happened in March two years ago, when we thought about SCRIBO for the first time and decided to take on this new challenge.

And finally there’s the white color, as a blank sheet to write a new page of our history from the beginning.

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