Writing means living

We believe that writing helps to improve ourselves. We believe that writing exercise helps us to shape our thoughts, to give shape to ideas. We believe that the simple gesture of leaving our mark is a further witness of our existence.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” used to say Benjamin Franklin; we handmade our products to be at the service of the writer, maintaining the principle that every writing instrument is dedicated to the hand that writes through it, becoming one with the writer’s thoughts.

Scribo - Scrittura Bolognese - I valori 4
Scribo - Scrittura Bolognese - I valori 5

Writing tradition and Italianess

Writing tradition, design, craftsmanship and made in Italy represent SCRIBO fundamental values; recovery of an ancient art, research of best exclusive handwriting experience dedicated design, specific production model, specialized Italian labor and mechanical operations, are therefore the main tools to recover artisanal heritage that best represent our values.

feel the writing

We handicraft unique pieces

Our products reflect a perfect mix between mechanics and craftsmanship and are made through time to celebrate handwriting. Design and craftsmanship shine in the beauty of our works, in our culture, in our Italian identity. For this reason, every SCRIBO fountain pen becomes a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece.

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