Design means Italy

Every SCRIBO fountain pen is created by style, technique and the long made in Emilia Romagna mechanical tradition combination. Design and technical project follow the same goal, to create a unique and excellent in shape and content writing tool.

Scribo - Scrittura Bolognese - Il Design 2
Scribo - Scrittura Bolognese - Il Design 3


Creativity and research are the lymph to every project; they are the means to our ideas development and they help us creating products enriched by not only tangible values but also by non-material values that express everyone’s own personality.

Handwriting means express ourselves

Design & Style research

Design and style research aim to create a perfect balance between function and aesthetic. Fountain pen production requires a complex combination of materials, with their mechanical elements, and aesthetic design. Each SCRIBO fountain pen is made by more than 50 different micro and macro components for each collection, and each of them is built to make efficient the gear and the heart of every SCRIBO fountain pen: its traditional piston filling system. Design then results as made by a team work that makes artistic and technical research eager for style.

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