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FEEL Nebula24

From 622,95

For the first time, we made a model using the airbrushing art.


Nibs guide

The heart of every SCRIBO fountain pen is the nib and we do it in gold; every nib is assembled together with ebonite feeders only, to get the best available handwriting performance; our nibs, in either the classic 18-carat alloy or the special Extra-Flexible 14-carat alloy, grant elasticity, mechanical memory and softness that highlights every fountain pen writing quality.

In particular, SCRIBO Extra-Flexible nib, a real jewel for handwriting, reached the highest hand-writing performance thanks to the continuous technical improvements that have been made during our previous experience.

Our Extra Extra Fine nib, with a line width of around 0.3 / 0.4 mm, is perfect for those who love extremely thin and rigorous writing.
Our Extra Fine nib, with a line width of around 0.5 / 0.6 mm, is suitable for those who love a very thin and precise writing.
For those who prefer a thin and strong writing, our Fine nib is the most suitable choice, with its line width of around 0.7 / 0.8 mm.
Our Medium nib, with a line width of around 0.9 / 1.0 mm, is perfect for those who love medium-sized writing with a strong and precise flow.
Our Broad nib, with a line width of about 1.1 / 1.2 mm, offers a fluid and abundant writing, ideal if you prefer a thicker writing.
Our BB nib provides a writing line of 1.3/1.4 mm and is an excellent alternative for those who like a broad, steady line.
Our special triple B nib, with a line width of about 1.7/1.8 mm, is very generous with ink and capable of leaving a well-marked and visible mark.
Our special Stub nib has a very wide tip and the bottom is cut into a cylinder section. It shows a considerable variation in the line width thickness between the vertical writing, of about 1.1 mm, and the horizontal one of about of 0.4/0.3 mm.
This special nib is cut at 52 degree on the tip to offer a wide, soft and precise writing surface. When used with the 52° inclination, the nib offers incredible uniformity in writing width, similar to a Broad. The more the nib is raised to the vertical, the finer the writing width becomes.
Our Extra Fine Flex nib offers an excellent variety of writing widths: from 0.5/0.6 mm at closed tips, up to 1.8 mm at open tips.
The line variation of our Flex Fine nib starts from 0.7/0.8 mm at closed tips and reach 2.0 mm at open tips.
Our Flexible Medium nib, with a writing width of 0.9/1.0 mm at closed tips, reaches 2.2 mm at open tips.
Our Broad Flex nib offers an excellent variety of writing widths: from 1.1/1.2 mm at closed tips, up to 2.5 mm at open tips.
Choose your nib Nibs guide
EEF 18kt gold nib
EF 18kt gold nib
F 18kt gold nib
M 18kt gold nib
BB 18kt gold nib
BBB 18kt gold nib
Stub 18kt gold nib
Flexible EF 14kt gold nib
Flexible F 14kt gold nib
Flexible M 14kt gold nib

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FEEL Nebula24

Let’s celebrate the arrival of the New Year with FEEL Nebula24.

Nebulae are fascinating and mysterious interstellar clusters that play an important role in space, telling us a lot about the birth and evolution of stars and planets.

Like a new year beginning with the future ahead to be written, nebulae are the cradle of stars and planets, revealing themselves over the course of time and space.

FEEL Nebula24 is made in only 24 pieces available online only, with ruthenium trim.

For the first time, we made a model using the art of airbrushing: each individual piece is entirely made by hand and is therefore unique, with a texture that cannot be repeated on another specimen.

FEEL Nebula24 is available with all SCRIBO nibs and is available online only starting January 9th, 2024.

The art of airbrushing originated primarily in the realms of graphics and illustration, evolving over the years into a technique for customising and imparting uniqueness to three-dimensional objects.

The airbrush acts as a “brush” that blends acrylic paint with air, with the unique aspect of never directly touching the surfaces it adorns, unlike a traditional brush. This unique characteristic allows for the creation of ethereal, vibrant, or softly blended shades, depending on the chosen design.

“Personally, I appreciate also for some design a mixed technique, combining the traditional brush for my artistic imprint and the airbrush for a natural yet personalized touch. Each object is meticulously protected with special lacquers to preserve the painting’s colours and the material’s wear over time.” (Lorena Straffi, airbrushing artist)


“L’anno che sta arrivando tra un passerà,

io mi sto preparando,

è questa la novità”

L’anno che verrà, Lucio Dalla (1979)

Additional information

Technical sheet

Product features:
– Dodecagonal shape
– Color: blue, purple and silver made with airbrushing art
– Cap, barrel, knob and section handmade in resin
– Clip and metal components with ruthenium trim
– Length: 148 mm. – max diameter: 17 mm.
– Exclusive SCRIBO nib in 18 carats and in Flexible 14 carats
18 carats available sizes:
Extra Extra Fine, Extra Fine, Fine, Medio, Broad, BB, BBB and Stub
Flexible 14 carats available sizes: Extra Fine, Fine, Medio and Broad
Ebonite feeder ø 6,50 with 2 capillaries
Loading capability: 1,42 ml
– Collection packaging made in natural leather and cotton
– Limited production of 24 pieces